No, You Cannot Blame Millennials For Hillary Losing The Election

The disenfranchising of millions of voters during the primaries, the media, the establishment, a horrible choice of a candidate not appealing to millennials and backdoor politics are why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Millennials were deprived of an opportunity to have an authentic person who understands the issues, offered better solutions and would have beat Donald Trump to be our next President. The system ignored the people, forced an unpopular candidate on the people, which pushed voters to vote third party or write in Bernie Sanders is why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Losing the election is the fault of the system not a group of people who are tired of the same old politics continuing to lead the country down the wrong path.

Bernie Sanders and Martin O’ Malley were constantly ignored during the election cycle where neither candidate received as much air time as Hillary Clinton, to discuss their campaigns or the issues. The subjectively biased media mislead the people throughout the election cycle with false information and inaccurate polling when it came to who won the debates and who would beat Donald Trump. Furthermore, the media constantly falsely accused Sen. Sanders of running an unfair campaign because of his jabs on Hillary Clinton policies and how the establishment on both sides are ruining the country. Along with the media, the establishment and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz took part in rigging the elections, disenfranchising millions of voters who supported Bernie Sanders.

Establishment politics with backdoor deals and mean emails written about Bernie Sanders and his campaign caused Clinton and the democrats to lose this election cycle. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her biased towards Clinton throughout the election was unacceptable. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton campaign was the ultimate reason why she lost. Her campaign failed to appeal to the millennials, our issues and offered no real solutions. Hillary Clinton campaign neglected to reach out to millennials and her policies did not include millennials until the end, where she needed Bernie Sanders help target this group. Hillary Clinton is a representation of party politics and the establishment, which millennials are tired of. She was not authentic which made it difficult to appeal and relate to millennials.

In 1944 during the Democratic Convention, Vice President Henry Wallace was vastly supported by the people. However, the Democratic party bosses, which still exists in 2016 did not like Wallace because he was opposed to the wars during that time and wanted to focus on the issues of America. Sounds familiar? Therefore, the party bosses rigged the nomination from Henry Wallace and gave it to…Harry Truman, sounds familiar? It seems the Democratic party is not so democratic, and the people are losing because of a few elites who control a political party that is screwing WE THE PEOPLE. In short Robby Mook is wrong and 76 years later history is repeating itself not in a good way.


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