In 7 days the new ACA (AFFORDABLE CARE ACT), better known as OBAMA-CARE enrollment begins. There has been a lot of frivolous attacks about the legislation that was signed into law March 23, 2010. I must say that after reading two books and writing a 12 page paper 2 semesters ago, OBAMA-CARE is the right path to having free health care like every other country. The Affordable Care Act is helping to insure the millions of citizens who cannot afford healthcare on their own or through their employers, most importantly it is insuring citizens with illness that insurance companies would turn away or drop their coverage. Insurance companies spent a significant amount of their profits on administrative cost to avoid paying bills and fighting appeals. We would think that insurance, does not matter what form it is,  is there to protect us and use it when needed. However, the health care system was neither, it does not protect, or help pay the bills of those that are insured, but they continue to take their monthly payments.

Furthermore, OBAMA-CARE is being attacked because the health care system is a priority for many of our elected officials, they donate to their campaigns in exchange for legislation to go their way, they use their lobbyists to fight against legislation that can help the citizens. Politics is why OBAMA-CARE is being frowned upon by a select group of people, they are upset because of the potential that this legislation will work and many citizens will choose to use the new health care system mandated by the federal government. In the end, I believe that Obama-Care will work, and that elected officials need to return to listening and helping the citizens who should be the only interest group they answer to.

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  1. I like a few points you have made about the Affordable Care Act. You would think that with this government would be on board with helping to get citizens health insurance, and with other developed countries such as Canada and Europe with free health care this should have been done a long time ago,

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