Oregon Militia Gets Loan From Federal Government

Last week, Ammon Bundy and a few of his comrades took over a Fish and Wildlife building in Oregon with GUNS, protesting against the government. Besides this being the dumbest possible thing, it is interesting that Ammon Bundy received a $530,000 loan from the same government he is opposing, for his business Valet Fleet Services, LLC, which is still operating. The reasoning behind this misguided “take over” is to fight for a rancher and his son for arson, they committed to “protect against invasive species” (I am guessig they are talking about aliens?.). Another interesting thing about the misguided Oregon Take Over is that Ammon Bundy and his family does not own a ranch and it is difficult to understand why would they take over a government with GUNS. When a group of people protest it is for a REASON, a reason that makes sense, this did not make sense and it is despicable that the GOVERNMENT did not take any action against these misguided old white guys that took over a GOVERNMENT building with GUNS.

Sources: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/01/ammon-bundy-oregon-protest-sba-loan

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