This year in politics was beyond interesting. Section 4 of the 1965 voting rights was struck down in June, Hawaii and Chicago legalized same-sex marriage, the debate of legalizing marijuana grew stronger and Uruguay recently legalized all aspects of use on marijuana. Also, Trayvon Martin, an innocent child lost is life to a senseless act of murder to senseless human being, the lost of three international infamous leaders, Nelson Mandela, Hugo Chavez and Margaret Thatcher. Not only that, the sixteen day Government shut down that cost the U.S. $24 billion dollars, the new Health Care Law began in October, however the website had some issues which the GOP could not let go, the U.S. military strike on Syria that almost happened that almost started a war. The Government cutting billions of dollars from the food stamp program, and this past Saturday the unemployment extension ended, so many people are going to have to find another way to make ends meet. And, the fight to raise the minimum wage that began will spill over into the New Year, which will have an effect on the elections. Politics in 2013 made some issues historic (the health care law), some politicians famous (Ted Cruz), so heading into 2014, I am contemplating that Politics is going be the best sport to watch on television.  From upcoming elections, the 2016 Presidential contenders, and the raising of the minimum wage will be part of the Politics in 2014. HAPPY NEW YEARS.

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