Politics In Georgia Continued

Watching On The Story with the political roundtable and I liked what Buddy Arden said about this year Georgia’s legislation session, from the gun law and Nathan Deal’s position on education. Buddy Arden stated that for the past 10 years Georgia’s education system has been underfunded by $8 billion dollars, which is a lot of money. He goes on to say that for Nathan Deal to put $500,000 million dollars towards education in this ELECTION season is not enough to improve or impress the citizens. Next, the infamous gun law that Nathan Deal signed into law should be enough for him to not get re-elected as Governor. “This year Georgia legislators did not pass laws that MATTERS TO THE PEOPLE; WE ARE NUMBER 1 IN GUNS BUT BEHIND IN EDUCATION, AND EVERYTHING ELSE”. I could not agree more, and this year legislation disappointments should be more then enough to get oust Nathan Deal and his fellow GOP members.

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