Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions and Paul Manafort, who’s next and what is next after these three gentlemen had contact with Russia. For two months illegitimate president Trump administration has been chaotic with more information revealing a connection to Russia. First, Michael Flynn resigns as head of the NSA for his contact with Russia followed by Jeff Sessions, who recused himself for lying under oath-sidebar: when the Attorney General lies under oath, he cannot be trusted. Now Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager who resigned last summer also had connections with Russia. As more information comes out or if anyone else is found to have connections with Russia, we should not be surprised because illegitimate president Trump is not smart enough to win an election.  The sole purpose for Russia interfering with the U.S. elections is for Russia to become the world’s superpower and it seems Vladimir Putin is closer to this goal because the international community and our allies are distancing themselves from the U.S.

“Like, who wants to listen to what you have to say? Seriously?”

Besides the fiasco with Russia, President Trump outlandish, false accusations on President Obama wiretapping him sidebar: like, who wants to listen to what you have to say? Seriously? In the previous week, while under testimony FBI director James Comey stated, “there is no evidence of President Obama wiretapping Donald Trump.” For James Comey to make this statement is highly embarrassing for Donald Trump and illustrates how unfit, unqualified he is to be president. In addition, after eight years of repealing and replacing the ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare), last Friday the GOP could not get enough votes to pass their own dismal health law. Both travel bans are in the courts because they are unconstitutional, and yesterday illegitimate president Trump signed an executive order rolling back President Obama environmental regulations. Every president this nation had some were good in domestic affairs, some were good in international affairs or both. However, illegitimate president Trump is not good at either, which means both domestic and international policies for the U.S. will be ineffective.

“Trump the chump is the person who talks smack, but has nothing to back it up.”

Part of the GOP obstructionist agenda is to roll back and erase every legislation signed by legitimate President Obama which will affect our nation for years to come. In addition, we are dealing with a group of people not fit to lead or should not write laws that will impact the people. Illegitimate president Trump, his administration are the worse this nation has ever had and this illustrates why it is pertinent for we the people to be smarter voters!


“These GOPPERS, grumpy old white dudes are trying hard to erase everything President Obama enacted-Sad!”

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