May 4th, 2017 is a day that will live infamy. The crooked GOP House in a vote of 217-213 repealed Obamacare or the ACA (Affordable Care Act). After trying 56 times in the past eight years they finally succeeded, now America the land of the sick and unhealthy will pay higher health care costs. Under the GOPPERS dismal health law, poor people, citizens with pre-existing conditions and the elderly are going to pay a higher cost for health care. Many Trump supporters are poor people who cannot afford health care, which means they will not have any health coverage. The elderly are on a fixed income, therefore it will be a struggle for them to get health insurance and people with pre-existing conditions will have to choose between paying higher insurance cost or not having any insurance.

 America has returned to the nation of people going bankrupt because they cannot afford a moral basic necessity of life which is health care.

“The Greatest Country” can waste we the people tax dollars on wars, but cannot use our money to provide universal health care. America is the only industrialized nation that does not have universal health coverage for their citizens. Why? The answers are politics and the GOP (gross old pinheads) clearly does not care about the health of the citizens. In addition, our representatives fail to research or put effort into seeing how Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Cuba and other industrialized nations provide universal health care to their citizens. There is no reason for the U.S. to not have universal health care.

These GOPPERS always talk about we are for the people and the people matter, well this bill proves differently.

The new health law allow states to have the option to opt out of treating preexisting conditions, as a result states will have a choice of helping a citizen afford treatments they need for their condition or allow them to suffer. According to the Independent UK edition, patients with serious forms of cancer will pay 35x more in health care. Furthermore, pregnant women with minor complications will pay 425% more :-/ for healthcare, and overall women will pay higher for being a women. America has returned to the nation of people going bankrupt because they cannot afford a moral basic necessity of life which is health care.

Additionally, Speaker Ryan added a provision in the bill that people will have to work for Medicaid. First, Medicaid is for the elderly and many elderly are retired and cannot afford to work. Side Bar: Back in 2014 many red states rejected the funds for Medicaid expansion to help the elderly. An example is my state of Georgia, and the terrible results were many rural hospitals closing. Furthermore, 24 million people will not have health insurance, 24 MILLION PEOPLE. Health care is a moral right, hence the reason why every other industrialized nation has universal health law and not the U.S.


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