Tommy Hunter You Gotta Go!

In 2014 Sheriff Butch Conway of Gwinnett County stated “black lives matter is a terrorist organization. In a recent Facebook post, Tommy Hunter district 3 Commissioner for Gwinnett county called civil rights leader John Lewis a racist pig. The problems are, we have elected officials, due to low voter turnout in positions with an ideology not represented of the people, and we have too many people like Tommy Hunter and Butch Conway who should never be elected to represent the people. Mr. Hunter rude comments are highly unacceptable and his apology is not enough, for an elected official to post this type of comment illustrates Tommy Hunter mentality towards p.o.c. (people of color). This is an example of why it is pertinent to vote in your local elections, we cannot afford to have people like Butch Conway and Tommy Hunter in positions when they are not representing the people.

Congressman John Lewis is a civil rights leader, a highly respected man who fought for equal rights because of an unfair and injustice system designed to keep black people down. Rep. John Lewis was on the front lines fighting battles Tommy Hunter could never fight and he does not seem to understand people will not tolerate this ignorance. The reason behind Tommy Hunter ignorant remarks was Representative John Lewis questioning the legitimacy of Donald Trump presidency, which the whole country and other countries are questioning. Sidebar: anytime another country interferes in another country elections and elects a person the people do not want they are an illegitimate president, and U.S. History demonstrates this with all the elections they have interfered in around the world.

For a month, protestors have been attending the monthly Board of Commissioners meeting, urging for Tommy Hunter to resign. Recently, Mayor Kasim Reed sent a letter to the company Mr. Hunter works for threatening to cut economic ties if he is not reprimanded. In a meeting, one constituent stated “we will get you out of this position one or another.” However, the other commissioners, specifically Chairwoman Charlotte Nash has remained silent, which is upsetting. Tommy Hunter has to go, he is not a representative for the people of Gwinnett county and he does not deserve to remain Commissioner of district 3. With the constant protesting and Mayor Reed’s threatening to cut economic ties, Mr. Hunter needs to resign or face-off in a special election where the people can elect a better and more qualified person as Commissioner.


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