President Obama Makes Moves on Gun Violence

Starting off 2016 right, President Obama is making moves on preventing gun violence that takes millions of innocent people lives. With the rampant gun violence in the “greatest country”, it is way past time that something is done about this and it is disgusting that groups like the NRA and GOP legislators would thwart any and all efforts on gun legislation. According to TIME, “President Obama is using his executive authority and is focusing on a loophole that has allowed gun sales to occur without a background check”.

“The President is reportedly focusing on a loophole that has allowed for some gun sales to occur without background checks.”

First, selling guns without a background check illustrates negligence and gun sellers who sell without conducting a background check¬†should be held accountable. Next, “many of the Republican presidential candidates running to succeed Obama have vowed to rip up his new gun restrictions upon taking office”, which illustrates how they are part of the problem and why they¬†are the wrong persons to ever be elected as President.


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