Last month the GOP controlled Congress voted to pass legislation on the Keystone XL pipeline that will allow Canada to transport their oil to the Gulf Shores and sell to other countries. Yesterday, President Obama vetoed the bill, which he stated many times to the GOP, and his reason is that the GOP are attempting to circumvent the State Department that have yet not decided if this pipeline will benefit the U.S. Now the GOP has to come up with 2/3 vote to bypass President Obama veto, however it will be difficult because the GOP does not have the 2/3 vote needed. The Senate just voted 98-2 to bring the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) legislation to a debate to fund the department through September. This has been a contentious battle because the GOP added measures to revoke the President executive orders on immigration that will protect 5 million people. Congress has until Friday to have a plan on funding the DHS, if not there will be a partial shutdown that will affecting millions of workers. Also, Alaska becomes the 3rd state to legalize marijuana.

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