CONGRESS PASS A BILL..DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT OVER A COMMON SENSE ISSUE. President called Congress bluffs, not passing a law that would have helped this issue and not have the POTUS take EXECUTIVE ACTION to get the job done on immigration. Defining what is amnesty-the broken policies that are currently in place on the immigration issue, explicitly given a detailed plan on fixing the issue is what we needed to hear. What is the GOP party going to do??? Shut down the government, cost the nation $23 billion dollar, block the POTUS nominee for Attorney General, Surgeon General, etc.The plan of the GOP will be doing NOTHING, and DOING NOTHING HAS NOT HELPED THIS COUNTRY OR THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE. Furthermore, I cannot stress this enough, the GOP party winning this year midterm elections is still hard to believe, and having a sense that this party and their leaders will not do the right thing, starting now, is an opening for the Democrats to win in 2016, possibly 2018 midterms.

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