What was not in the “news” today, was the re-authorization of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Security Act). This illegal law gives the government the right to spy on citizens, search without warrants, and wiretap any electronic devices used for communication. It is interesting that the “trusted and reliable news” that many people watch and listen to did not discuss it on the air waves today (not surprising).

The fact is that, illegal laws such as this are not protecting the citizens, they take away our rights and invade our privacy, which is the reason why citizens hate government.

Continuing to say that it is to spy on “terrorists” to prevent another “attack” is becoming a sad tune and WE the people are tired of the propaganda. Oh, there is a secret court that was set up during Richard’s Nixon administration which gives it broad powers to do whatever. The funny part is this same secret court was set up to prohibit Nixon from abusing his “powers” as President, unfortunately Water-Gate happened.

Sources: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/insidestoryamericas/2013/01/20131394

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