Around 11 am today, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced his bid for the white house. According to Politico, he is running as the anti-establishment of the GOP; so far, we have Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and now Rand Paul running for the white house, and we are expecting Florida Senator Marco Rubio to make an announcement on April 13th, if he is going to make a run. Besides being a spectacle for the world to watch during campaign season, what do any of these candidates have to show that they are capable of being leader?? Everything that President Obama has done, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio has opposed, most recently, attempting to revoke his executive orders on immigration that will allow 5 million immigrants to stay in the U.S, and they failed revoking the Presidents executive orders. Ted Cruz shut down the government over ObamaCare costing the nation $24 billion; each candidate are opposed to the health law but with recent numbers of 16.4 million people enrolled and according to last month report, again I ask What Do Any of These Candidates have to show that they are capable of being leader??

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