In a recent article by RT, President Vladimir Putin would like to make Russia the worlds exporter of non-gmo foods. With a high demand for healthier, organic, unprocessed foods this is a great idea for Russia, and it is a move to help Putin in his quest to become a major player in the international community.

“In September, the Kremlin decided against producing food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).”

Voting against producing unhealthy GMO’s foods was the first step in Russia goal of becoming the worlds exporter of Non-GMO food. The question becomes, will and can President Putin make this happen? The demand for healthier food is a trend that is not going to end and it is constantly increasing. For President Putin to take on this market is a challenge, perhaps other countries should consider doing the same.



  1. I am concerned about GMO and I want to make sustainable living a world wide goal. I live in US and am not happy with fake food. I am currently in college and my goal is to make sustainable living the normal way to live in the world. I do not feel that I can accomplish this in America. I like the way Putin has evolved into someone who cares about people and it may not be apparent yet in his country but I am sure that he cares about the world, the way we should all live. Naturally and if I can I want to immigrate to Russia to help accomplish non gmo country. Sincerely Karma Swantkoski

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