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Tuesday, August 21, 2018, is another day that will live in infamy for Donald Trump and his crooked administration. Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager and Michael Cohen a former attorney are guilty with 8 counts of financial criminal activities in federal court. Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 counts of financial criminal activities which gave him 65 plus years in federal prison. Sidebar: Donald Trump was salty about Mr. Cohen implicating him in the financial criminal activities😊, check out his tweet.

Additionally, in the Paul Manafort case, he was guilty on 8 counts of financial criminal activities. However, Mr. Manafort financial criminal activities deal with business in Ukraine who also has ties with Russia.

“Sidebar: Donald Trump was pretty salty about Mr. Cohen implicating him in the financial criminal activities😊, check out his tweet.”

Both these men are facing lengthy sentences for the crimes they have committed, and possibly more charges are to come for their knowledge of Donald Trump colluding with Russia-a known enemy to America.

MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested 😂 😂

MAGA (My Attorney Got Arrested) is another meme of the day due to Michael Cohen guilty plea. Mentioned earlier, Mr. Cohen has pleaded guilty to 8 counts of financial criminal activities against him. According to Vox, “five out of the 8 charges Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to are banal charges with the normal tax evasions from the government.” However, the other 3 charges against Mr. Cohen are the ones that carry the heavy sentencing because they have traced back to the Trump organization. The final 3 charges are the most severe against Michael Cohen a reason for the 65 years plus jail sentence.

First, lying to a financial institution which was to get loans to pay off Donald Trump strippers is the first charge against Michael Cohen. Additionally, the other 2 charges against Mr. Cohen deals with campaign finance violations which are the reason for a longer prison sentence. Both campaign violation charge deals with Mr. Cohen making an unlawful corporate contribution and an excessive campaign contribution at the same time.

Paul Manafort:

Mr. Manafort who was Donald Trump campaign manager for a month was found guilty of 8 financial criminal activities on the same day as Michael Cohen. However, Paul Manafort charges stem from his work in Ukraine with Pro-Russian politicians. During his work with Ukraine, Mr. Manafort did not report his finances to the U.S. government. The financial criminal activity of Paul Manafort including failing to report foreign assets, tax and bank fraud on multiple occasions. As a result, Paul Manafort sentence for his crimes is 240 years-yikes! However, this is the beginning for the former campaign manager.

Due to Paul Manafort long history of working with pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine and other business activities, he will continue to face trials for a year or more.

The Beginning of the End:

With the shocking news of two top aides being guilty of financial criminal activity and Donald Trump being implicated in these crimes, it’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump is in the court facing a judge. Until then, we must continue to fight to preserve our democracy and laugh at Donald Trumps because they are funny.


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