Ryan’s Unethical Statements-Too Increase or Not To Increase Wages

Paul Ryan made some unethical statements on Wednesday about “inner city men” not knowing the value of hard work, hint black men not knowing the value of hard work. Not only were these statements unethical, it is the same rhetoric that him and other douche bags in Congress say when talking about cutting welfare benefits and the rate of unemployment. First, black people are the hardest working people, however we have been tainted as lazy, always asking for handouts and marginalized in this “great American society” since slavery.

It is not surprising that an imbecile such as Paul Ryan would make such comments, however what he and others like him in Congress fail to realize or neglect to realize is that Caucasians in rural areas where there are higher rates of poverty, and what you don’t hear about in the news are the recipients of all the welfare benefits programs, not Blacks nor Hispanics.

These are the citizens that continuously vote for the GOP that are attempting to take away their benefits in order to “balance the budget” and get people back to work. Next, wage increases is the hot button issue of the day, President Obama is pushing that if full-time supervisors work overtime, they get paid overtime, and I agree. If corporations can give millions of dollars in raises to Ceo’s for doing nothing but looking nice in an expensive suit, stashing their billions of dollars in offshore accounts and then using tax-payers dollars for illegal purposes then YES, GETTING PAID OVERTIME AND INCREASING THE MINIMUM WAGE needs to happen. It is long overdue for hardworking people to receive a decent wage, as prices continues to rise for food and housing, wages needs to be on the paths. Increase wages is not about Government getting in the way of businesses, or involving itself in “employee/employer” contract, the same old rhetoric the GOP uses, it’s about doing what is right, what is good for the citizens, and in the long run what is good for the economy. It is no brainer that the more money people make the more they spend and save. This is a good strategy for the Democrats and once it passes, this will be their victory for this year’s elections and in 2016. Almost, failed to mention that yesterday, Congress approved to restore longterm unemployment benefits, a small step to helping out the hard working citizens in America.

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