“WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE FOR NOT VOTING? HOW DO WE CASUALLY DISCARD THE RIGHT TO VOTE WHAT SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE FOUGHT FOR? These are quotes from President Obama speech in Selma on Saturday, marking the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday March in 1965. 50 years ago, people such as John Lewis, Andrew Young, Joseph Lowery, Hosea Williams and many other civil rights activist marched for the EQUAL RIGHT to vote, and 50 years later, this nation has one of the lowest voting rates. The President also stated “IF EVERY NEW VOTER SUPPRESSION LAW WAS STRUCK DOWN, WE WOULD STILL HAVE THE LOWEST VOTER TURN OUT IN THIS NATION AMONG FREE PEOPLE”, and I agree. In every other country, citizens have a higher turnout in elections compared to the U.S. and higher rate of younger people that vote compared to the U.S. Yet, people constantly complain about the inequality that takes place through passage of laws, which they fail to go out and vote against. In 2013 the Supreme court removed Section 5 of the Voting Rights act, that will allow states, specifically Southern to pass laws making it more difficult for people to vote. Furthermore, in the 2014 midterm election, the obstructionist GOP now control both houses, and since the beginning of the new legislative session, they have not done anything that is beneficial to the people or for this country. President Obama, from my view is the only President that stresses the importance of VOTING, because he understands the importance of electing people who put the citizens interest before their own interest and that laws being passed need to reflect the interest of the people and not the few. Moreover, President Obama mentioned 2 weeks ago during a town hall meeting with Jose Diaz Balart of MSNBC, asked the question of how many Hispanics that are able to vote, went out and voted? Unfortunately, the responses were not great, and with immigration being a controversial issue it is imperative that Hispanics who are affected by this issue VOTE in order to have a voice in how to remedy the issue. This speech was one President Obama greatest speech that everyone should listen to; the take way for me “A 1 DAY COMMEMORATION NO MATTER HOW SPECIAL IS NOT ENOUGH”. MARCH TO THE POLLS AND VOTE” THAT IS HOW WE REPAY OUR DEBT TO THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR THE EQUAL RIGHT DENIED TO THEM.

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