The shooting death of Michael Brown just two years after Trayvon Martin illustrates the stark disparities between America and black people. There are other countries that are discriminatory towards black people, but none more so then America. In a “DEMOCRACY” which America claims to be why in the hell does an UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER gets gunned down at the hands of a WHITE POLICE OFFICERS??? The doctors that conducted the autopsy on Michael Brown stated there was no gun residue on him, which means there was NO STRUGGLE between him and the police officer, which he says took place. Moreover, the last shot to Michael’s head, specifically with his hands in the air while lowering to ground is what killed him. For the past 200 years there has been a negative portrayal of BLACK MEN designed by a group of DESPICABLE PEOPLE that feels the need to subjugate the citizens. It’s these untruthful negative images that these DESPICABLE PEOPLE continue to use as a reason to shoot and kill an UNARMED BLACK MEN or put them in a choke hold, in the case of Eric Garner.
What’s more horrifying is local police departments with military equipment; it is completely un-necessary for small towns such as Ferguson, for their police department to have a tank and military weapons. Bill Maher and John Oliver on their shows mentioned Doraville, GA, where I live 15 minutes away, and they have a tank. In a town that has a population of 8,000 citizens and low crime rate, it’s hard to fathom why would they need a tank. The American government and  the military has created a problem that will not end well. Equipping local police departments with military style weapons is a sign of times, and it is time that WE THE CITIZENS BAND TOGETHER.

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