So, Hillary Wins New York Primary

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Brooklyn born native did not win the New York state primary on Tuesday, which has not stopped him from dropping out of the race. There were 3 million independent voters that did not vote in the New York primary, these 3 million voters followed the process of switching to vote Democratic and updated their information in order to vote in the New York primary. As usual, “technical difficulties” , the agencies did not receive the voters information and their information somehow got misplaced are the reasons why 3 million independent voters did not vote. It is interesting that in high stakes elections like the one we are in, there are always issues with millions of voters information being misplaced or some technical difficulties that does not allow certain groups of people to vote.

If those 3 million voters had voted in New York Tuesday primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders would have won this primary. He would have beat Sec. Clinton, and after the lackluster Brooklyn debate by Sec. Clinton, it is difficult to understand why she won the New York primary. There is no doubt that after this primary Sen. Sanders will continue on with his campaign, as he should. This battle is far from over, Sen. Sanders campaign is about doing what is right and best for the people and he is fighting hard for the people. A candidate that is not taking any money from corporations, that can relate to the people and actually understand the issues is someone 3 million independent voters wanted to vote for in Tuesday primary.

Sec. Clinton winning in New York has fueled this race even more; because people are upset over the voting processes of New York, there is no doubt that Sen. Sanders supporters will work extra hard in the upcoming primaries. Moreover, Sen. Sanders will be more aggressive, staying on target and not toning down on his message.

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