South Korea President Led By Cult Leader

First, Brexit the UK leaving the EU (European Union), Donald Trump is elected as the U.S. next president (what were the Americans thinking?) and now South Korea president Park Geun-Hye had a cult leader advising her throughout her presidency. If corporations can run America and our politicians, then a cult leader can advise a President. This scandal has caused a lot of chaos in South Korea, protestors are calling for president Park to resign, but she has not. Although Ms. Park has issued an apology which many people are calling not sincere, South Koreans believe she needs to step down immediately. There have been many scandals with heads of states, I have to admit this scandal with a cult leader advising a president of a country questions everything about the policies created and laws that were passed.

It was not until Mrs. Park close election in 2012 the friendship resumed with Mrs. Choi as a close confidante. Since the beginning of president Park term, Ms. Choi advised president Park on government affairs, which may include agreements with other countries, policies, and law that may have passed. Additionally, reports indicate the cult leader Ms. Choi not only was advising president Park on government affairs, she also managed to con major corporations out $70 million dollars for her organizations. In subsequent weeks more news highlighted that Ms. Choi also managed to enter her daughter into a prestige university and receive academic favorability. The scandal is continuing to be investigated and people are curious about the extent of the advising president Park received from the cult leader. In lieu of this scandal, 10 of Ms. Park senior aides have resigned and will likely be investigated.

Thus far in 2016, politically speaking there has been a lot of interesting events taken place. However, a cult leader advising a head of state is a huge cause for concern because a non-government employee received access to vital government information. There are a lot of questions the people of South Korea are asking mainly the security of the country with a cult leader having received classified information. More importantly, the questions of current heads of states and the agreements made on policies, trade, national security will have to be answered, anything President Park agreed to with other countries will need to be questioned.


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