President Obama gave is 5th STATE OF THE UNION address which was modest and straight forward, the President opened by stating that unemployment is at it lowest, Patty Murray and Paul Ryan worked out a budget where everyone did not get what they wanted, but it can be worked on later, and finally that China is no longer the number 1 place for investment, it is America. With this opening which was simple and to the point, so was the entire speech, the President discussed in length about social issues, such as immigration, raising the minimum wage, bettering the education system, and equal pay for women which was a staple in last year’s State Of The Union. To begin, raising the minimum wage has been a hot button issue for a while and will be for this year’s elections.

“If you work full-time you should not have to raise your family in poverty”, there are many families working full-time and part-time job, yet they are still living in poverty, raising the minimum wage can help move families out of poverty, as well help businesses make more money. When people have more money in their pockets, they spend more which helps the economy.

States such as New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island have raised their minimum wage and 5 other states will do the same this year. Equal pay for women was a staple in last year State Of The Union, and women are continuing to get paid less than men, “It’s to time do away with work place policies that belong in a MAD MEN episode”,  President Obama received a standing ovation for this, and John Boehner rolled his eyes. Although, the President did not spend a lot of time on the topic he made it clear that women should not be penalized for taken off work in order to take care of their families,whether it be a child or an elderly parent. Additionally, the President briefly talked about immigration, saying it is time for an Immigration policy, and that Congress needs to “act”.

Overall, the theme of the State of The Union was simple, the speech wasn’t memorable but it hit on areas that needed to be discussed. It gave insight to the President agenda for this year and Congress plan of action or if there is any action. This year both sides will have to prove themselves, and in this election year it will be an up hill battle; the GOP will have use another angle besides the botched health care web site if they want to win. Many political pundits believe that the GOP have a good chance of winning this year’s elections, however it is too early to speculate which party will be the winner.

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