State of The Union

This is a break-through year for America; the economy is growing at its fastest pace since 1999, the unemployment rate is low, more people are insured and we are free from foreign oil. In President Obama sixth State of the Union, he addressed both chambers on past agenda that were successful despite the obstructionist ways of the GOP, and addressed his current agenda, which the GOP party did not acknowledge. Focusing on domestic issues were the highlight of the State of the Union address, specifically, growing the middle class, making community college free, plans to prevent a tax bailout for bankers, and having an open fast free internet, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong have the fastest internet compared to the U.S. and other European countries. However, there are issues that the GOP will staunchly oppose, such as the taxing the wealthy that gets away with evading paying taxes, which the middle class has to pay for.

In December, before Congress left for the holidays, they passed a $1.1 trillion dollar budget, and in the budget, the GOP repealed the Dodd-Frank act, legislation passed during the financial crisis in 2008 that put regulations on the banks. President Obama discussed plans to prevent tax bailout for bankers, which will be a battle between him and the GOP party. Furthermore, President Obama stressed that he will work with states to implement paid sick leave, note we are the only country that does not give employees a paid sick leave, often choosing between going to work sick or staying home and not being paid. In addition, he stressed his initiative to work with Cuba, ending a 50-year embargo that has not worked, and before the end of his Presidency, Guantanamo Bay will be closed. Also, he mentioned using his veto power if the GOP fails to bring any bill’s that do not align with helping the people; nevertheless, the State of the Union was a speech about the future, where we need to work together to get there as a family, which the President stated.


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