A CEO to one of the largest fast food restaurants agrees that the the minimum wage should be increase. Subway CEO Fred DeLuca see’s no issue with improving wages for low wage workers, he understands that improving the wages of workers will reduce high turn over rates and keep fast food businesses competitive. DeLuca goes on to say that if the wage increase needs to be tied to inflation, when prices go up or remain stagnant so does the living wage for workers. CEO’s of small and large businesses agree on improving the minimum wage, when Henry Ford increased the wages of his workers he knew that giving them more money, will allow them to buy more. Low wage workers spend more of their income compared to non-low wage workers, and if the economy is to improve, increasing the minimum wage is a start. I am glad that DeLuca has spoken out about increasing the minimum wage, it illustrates that he knows and understands the difficulties of trying to survive living off minimum wage and wants to improve it for his own employees. Additionally, like Henry Ford, when workers of have more money they will spend more and I believe DeLuca wants to do the same. In this election season, hot button issues such as the minimum wage is going to be discussed all over the news, and instead of the GOP vehemently opposing the wage increase, they need to compromise to on this issue if they want to retain the majority in the house.

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