It is unconscionable that the Syrian government promoted a chemical attack against their own citizens. What’s worse is that the turmoil in this country does not look like it is going to end and many innocent citizens are going to lose their lives.

With the U.S. becoming involved in the turmoil by sending warships to the area it is going further escalate the issue.

First, the U.S. has absolutely no authority and reason to send warships or to be there at all. Sending military into a region that is plagued by violence 365 days of the year is going to put Syria on the defensive and will lead to another chemical attack. Secondly, according to history, the U.S. does not intervene in countries that do not have any interest to them; again, there is absolutely no reason for the U.S. military to be there.  The U.S. would have done better by using another approach instead of a military one to alleviate the turmoil in Syria. With Russia and the U.S. at odds about the situation in Syria, both countries could have negotiated with the Syrian government for a temporary end to the turmoil. Although, the negotiations will be temporary, it is a better option than using military because the Syrian government will not feel defensive and will be more inclined to participate in negotiations.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made a few statements about the U.S. becoming involved, which I agree.  The Senator stated that the U.S. Congress should have a debate before becoming involved in the Syria crisis because there is “no clear national security conflict to the U.S.” He also mentioned that the country does not have any interest for the U.S. therefore we should not be involved. These statements that the Senator made about this issue is accurate because entering in a crisis such as these will lead only to war, which is unnecessary because innocent civilians will be killed. Furthermore, the comments from Senator Rand Paul need to be taken with consideration since it is the only thing that is reasonable besides using military.

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