Donald Trump-An Epic Fail on America’s Immigration

 Immigration History in America: The Good and Bad  The Trail of Tears, Slavery, the War on Drugs, and World War 2 when camps were setup for Japanese Americans, illustrate the damaging history of America tearing families apart, and the current immigration crisis adds to this dark history. Donald Trump immigration crisis he created is an indelible event which will be […]

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Affirmative Action legislation was signed into law in 1965 during the Civil Rights Era. The reason for Affirmative Action legislation is to prevent discrimination against a group of people based on their skin color. As we know, African-Americans were deprived of being able to achieve any of upward mobility such as attending college because of the color of their skin. […]

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South Korea President Led By Cult Leader

First, Brexit the UK leaving the EU (European Union), Donald Trump is elected as the U.S. next president (what were the Americans thinking?) and now South Korea president Park Geun-Hye had a cult leader advising her throughout her presidency. If corporations can run America and our politicians, then a cult leader can advise a President. This scandal has caused a […]

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