As you all seen in your first paycheck of the year, which was this past Friday January 11, 2013 taxes have gone up, and many of you probably were upset, a few of my friends were.  According to Reuters article the “Working Poor Families Rises as Wealth Gap Widens” the rate of the working poor increased in 2011 than in 2010, which has pushed some families into and below the poverty line.
Moreover, many of these families that worked middle class jobs now have to take on low wage jobs such as cashiers,  retail clerks, waiters,  which does not pay very much.  Because these jobs pay very little it is difficult for these families to meet the basic needs for everyday living.
Not only that, the problem with taxes rising is the $7.25 minimum wage not rising, this is not enough live off of with a single person (I have for a year and half) nor a family. What the unintelligent elected officials do not understand is that, if taxes are going to be raised and people are not making enough to meet the basic needs of everyday living, then the $7.25 minimum wage needs to be raised at a sufficient level for people to live off of.

This country middle class is shrinking, and it is unfortunate that the government seems to be willing to let it happen.

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