Teachers Tenure Unconstitutional

Last Tuesday, a California judge ruled that teachers protection such as tenure is unconstitutional, 9 students brought a case against the public schools in California to get rid of teachers that are ineffective in the classrooms. InĀ  the past 3 years, teachers have been attacked, they have been an easy target for politicians, lobbyists and these 9 students to force changes in the education system which has fallen behind other developed nations.

If these 9 students are fed up with the education system, if politicians and lobbyists want to make changes to improve the education system then they need to attack the SYSTEM not the teachers.

It is the system that needs to change, the policies and methods that are in place to educate students are the same policies and methods used when our parents and grandparents were in school. The trainings that are used to prepare teachers are trainings that should have changed with each generation, if the educational system and those in charge would have done this, then we would not be behind other developed nations such as South Korea, Japan, and Finland.

Furthermore, it’s interesting that the judge made this statement “He agreed with the students’ claims that California tenure laws result in ineffective teachers obtaining and retaining permanent employment in schools that predominantly serve low-income and minority students”. First, teachers that are ineffective are always placed in the low-income minority school districts, when “statistics” are released on education and standards it’s the minority school districts that are behind, it’s the minority school districts that are always viewed as “what is wrong in education”. In order to fix the fragmented education system, changes will need to focus on how teachers are trained on educating students, it will need to focus on what the students needs are and not the requirements determined by the system.

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