We all remember the 2000 election cycle I was in the second semester of my freshmen year in high school. George Bush and Al Gore, the two candidates in this election were battling out to be America’s next president, but that decision was already made. This is a rigged system, unfair, Bush cheated, we no longer live in a Democracy are some of the things that were said and are currently being said in the 2016 election cycle. The 2000 elections were the elections that demonstrated the voting processes in America-coughs the greatest democratic country has the most rigged and fraudulent elections. In 2000, millions of citizens witnessed how this country negated the “democratic” election process by neglecting the votes and voices of millions of citizens. After the 2000 elections, many documentaries were made on how the 2000 election cycle was rigged, one that I watched was Hacking Democracy, which detailed how the 2000 election cycle was clearly hacked. Not counting millions of Florida citizens’ votes, the ever recurring issues of voting machines not working, fixing the voting machines to choose the unpopular candidate that a voter did not select and of course the help of Jeb Bush who was the Governor of Florida during that time is how the 2000 elections were rigged.

Fast forward to 2016 election cycle, what took place in 2000 is taken place in 2016. The only difference is that, the battle is between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the 2 democratic candidate who are running and working hard to win over voters in order to be the democratic nominee. Hillary lost to President Obama in 2008 and this time she is not going to lose because the 2016 elections are also rigged. In this past Tuesday primaries in New York, 3.2 million Independent voters who followed the process to switch over to vote democrat in the New York primaries did not vote due to the usual reasons of misplaced paper work and the other played out excuses used to disenfranchise voters in support of Bernie Sanders. But, of course this was setup so Hillary can win the New York primary attempting to force Bernie Sanders out of the race. In addition, when it comes to this confusing, un-necessary delegate selection, Hillary Clinton somehow received 11 delegates in Wyoming to Bernie Sanders 7 delegates in Wyoming and it was Bernie Sanders that won Wyoming primary?. Furthermore, we see it in the subjective, biased corporate media on how they keep insisting that Bernie “tones” down his message and that he has no chance of winning, and what is interesting is how Donald Trump is used in this election in order for it be an “easy” matchup between Clinton and Trump, and of course Hillary Clinton will win the election.

The establishment and media are literally shoving the handpicked candidate Hillary Clinton on voters that simply do not want her.

The difference between the 2000 elections and the 2016 elections is absolutely nothing. We are no doubt in a rigged, fraudulent coughs- “democratic” electoral system that neglects the voice and votes of the people by shoving an unpopular, highly untrustworthy candidates on the citizen. In the 2016 election cycle just like the 2000 election cycle, we are witnessing how this completely broken system is disenfranchising voters, i.e. the 3.2 million independent voters who did not vote in New York primaries for the most popular candidate Bernie Sanders. The establishment and media are literally shoving the handpicked candidate Hillary Clinton on voters that simply do not want her. We are reliving the 2000 election cycle, an election cycle that was the beginning and end of America’s coughs-democratic elections that handpicked an unpopular, less than savvy candidate the people did not and do not want as the next leader of the free world.

Source: Hacking Democracy documentary

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