After an entire year of vigorous clashing, heated debates and the subjective media misleading about the delegate count Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday July 12th, in a lengthy speech where Bernie Sanders highlighted how successful his campaign has been throughout the entire primary, (although the establishment was against him), he focused on what and how his campaign was successful. From raising money, bringing the core issues to the people and winning 1900 delegates, Bernie Sanders ran a successful campaign, which everyone believed would not make it. Bernie and Hillary standing on stage were the moments people knew it was real and he would endorse Hillary. Stating “we are “stronger together” and “we must defeat Trump” were the tone of both Bernie and Hillary speeches that rallied up the crowd.

As a Bernie supporter, I am still on the fence because Hillary is not authentic, and the concern of the Democratic establishment disenfranchising millions of independent voters, i.e 3.2 million in the New York primaries does not sit well with many of Bernie supporters. Additionally, the problem of attracting young voters, the millennial crowd will be difficult since Hillary does not resonate with this group and millennials do not trust her. During the White House Correspondents dinner in April, the POTUS (President Obama) joked that “Hillary is like an old family member who trying to use facebook to attract younger voters”. Nevertheless, with the Bernie and Busters who rather vote for him (which you can do by writing him in on the ballot in November) these supporters cannot fathom voting for Hillary in November and have said they may not vote at all.

Bernie Sanders fought against the odds in this election season, and has been extremely successful in his messaging. He was able to attract, mobilize and organize younger voters by the millions, attract millions of people to his speeches where he spoke of a future that we all want and most of all Bernie is the only candidate that is relatable to the people. This endorsement is the most monumental for any election because the establishment will need the millions of Bernie supporters in November.





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