The Brooklyn born native Sen. Bernie Sanders and the twice elected Senator to represent New York Sec. Hillary Clinton squared off in their 9th debate in Brooklyn and in this debate all gloves were off. Both candidates hit home on many valid points, points that continue to push both campaigns and giving each momentum. However, the points, which Sec. Clinton hit on throughout the debate for whatever reason, Sec. Clinton consistently referred to President Obama. From the economy, foreign policy, social issues and voting records the debate brought out the toughness in both candidates, however it is not hard to see that it was Sen. Bernie Sanders that was tougher in the debate. In the beginning of the debate the discussion was on the economy and taxes, the people of Brooklyn had the opportunity to see the position of each candidate on this issue (we all knew Bernie position). It was interesting to see that Sec. Hillary Clinton responses were the same polished responses and she consistently responded with the Dodd-Frank legislation passed under President Obama as the law that should be followed in dismantling the banks. But, when asked about her transcripts on giving speeches to the big banks, her response:

“I will release my transcripts when everyone else releases theirs”. Sec. Clinton.

Like most established politicians, Sec. Clinton dodged the question, if she cannot simply release the transcripts to indicate that there is nothing to hide, this does question her judgement. Furthermore, to attempt to change the argument on why Sen. Sanders has not released his tax returns, his comeback was great, in addition to calling out Sec. Clinton saying “Sec. Clinton called them out, oh my goodness they must have been crushed, was that before or after you received huge sums of money for giving speeches”. These kinds of jabs is what took place throughout the debate on every issue, and it was Sen. Bernie Sanders who was answering the questions that were asked. On the topic of the ethnic issues (racial issues), when Sen. Sanders was asked why he stated Sec. Clinton remarks on calling black males super predators was racists, in response to the 1996 Crime bill that disproportionately incarcerated black people, he replied “it was racists and everyone knows it”. From a historical point, black males have always been called super predators and have no conscious, which Sec. Clinton stated in her 1996 speech, and yes everyone knows it is racists, which asks the question why are black people supporting her?

“Unfortunately, I remain one of the poorer members of the United States Senate, however I am releasing my tax returns from last year”.

“Sec. Clinton called them out, oh my goodness they must have been crushed, was that before or after you received huge sums of money for giving speeches” Sen. Sanders.

Nevertheless, the entire debate was entertaining to watch and it is easy to see the difference between a candidate that does not answer questions to one that does answer questions, straight with no if, and’s or but’s in between. If there is going to be a 10th debate, then Sec. Clinton has a lot of work to do. Although, she is part of the establishment and has been around for a very long time, she needs to break away from the establishment and really do her own thing. If you have not watched the debate, here is the link to do so:



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