What country is the most expensive to live in?? According to Numbeo, it’s Switzerland, it cost more to live here then the U.S., it is more expensive then New York and Los Angeles. Because the cost of living in Switzerland is higher they are proposing to raise their minimum wage to $25. Every other country minimum wage is between $7 to $15 dollars,

if Switzerland raises the minimum wage to $25 it would be the highest in the world and the citizens will have living wage beyond what the U.S. citizens on have.

Raising the minimum wage has been an ongoing issue beginning in 2013 with many low-wage workers walking out in protest this past year. At least 7 seven states have raised the minimum wage in the U.S. this year, while other states are continuing to debate the issue. Everyone has a right to live a decent life, not everyone wants to be wealthy, not everyone needs to have a lot but everyone needs enough to live and get through life. My feeling is that the minimum wage needs to be raised, people should not have to work full-time and still live in poverty; not only is it happening in the U.S. and Switzerland, there are other countries such as Cambodia where citizens are working of corporations such as The Gap and H&M and are getting paid very little.

What are your thoughts on raising the minimum wage??

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