Republican Mark Harris "shocked" about his voter fraud during the 2018 midterms.

The GOP Scream Election Fraud and They Are Committing Election Fraud

Cheaters-Cheaters-Pumpkin Eaters:

Recap: during Donald Trump first year in the Oval Office, the president created a fake voter fraud commission to “crack down on voter fraud.” The problem with the Voter Fraud Commission was those appointed such as Kris Kobach the former Secretary of State for Kansas and candidate who lost the Governor’s race in 2018 are culprits of committing voter fraud. Four months after the 2018 midterms, there is a vacant House Seat for Congressional District 9 of North Carolina. The reason, Republican candidate Mark Harris hired McCrae Dowless who collected paper ballots in African-American communities and completed incomplete sections of the paper ballots which is illegal.

“Recap: during Donald Trump first year in the Oval Office, the president created a fake voter fraud commission to “crack down on voter fraud.”

Sidebar: it’s funny how the GOP yell voter fraud yet they are the ones committing voter fraud. Throughout 2018 midterms our nation has witnessed rampant voter fraud perpetrated by old white guys who cannot take the fact our country is changing which means their loss of power is dwindling. The GOP say they love freedom and our democracy, but their actions prove that isn’t so.

“Too Close Too Call”

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina are the three states which had too close to call races. However, we know that 2 of the three races voter fraud was committed. In North Carolina, we know that candidate Mark Harris employee illegally filled out paper ballots which is illegal-only the voters are to fill out their own paper ballots. In my state of Georgia, Brian Kemp is the architect of voter suppression and not the real Governor of Georgia, his actions leading up to 2018 prove his voter suppression tactics. As Secretary of State Kemp purged voters without notifying, delaying voter registrations applications, working the GOP to write the exact match law denying and delaying voters based in their signatures not matching. Sidebar: we know that our signatures will not always be exact, so this was less than smart on behalf of Georgia’s GOP.

“Recap: during the 2014 midterms the Secretary of State purposely delayed 40k voter registration applications.”

Recap: during the 2014 midterms then Secretary of State Brian Kemp purposely delayed 40k voter registration applications. Those voter registration applications were predominately people of color who did not vote in the 2014 midterm elections which resulted in voters backlash. The actions of Brian Kemp not sending the forms to the county Board of Elections for processing is one of the many examples of his voter suppression tactics. Additionally, not allowing an African-American to run in the district he lived in for 28 years and a Hispanic woman shows the lengths Brian Kemp will go to suppress the vote.

“The actions of Brian Kemp not sending the applications to the county Board of Elections on time is one of the many examples of his voter suppression antiquated tactics.”

Sidebar: it’s safe to assume many of them too close to call races in the 2018 midterms were due to some form of election fraud by the GOP. The question now is what the best course of action is to thwart the GOP from committing election fraud using their old-fashioned ways?

The Future:

The GOP committing voter fraud is not surprising and the lengths they go to. When people like Brian Kemp, Mark Harris, Kris Kobach lie about illegal immigrants voting when they cannot do lack of proper identification and does not have the means to get an adequate ID, illustrates their fear mongering and spewing inaccurate information. Attacking a group of people to rally a shrinking base is causing unnecessary turmoil in our nation, a reason for the spike in hate crimes. However, what the future holds is no longer the GOP existing with an old argument on voter fraud when they are guilty of rigging elections.




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