The GREAT U.S.A will be giving $60 Million in “aid” to “help” the Syrian opposition, however that aid will not be for nonlethal support. The “aid” is t be used for IMPROVING EDUCATION, SANITATION AND LOCAL SECURITY, WHICH AMERICA COULD USE TO IMPROVE IN THOSE AREAS AS WELL. Moreover, the U.S. gave $50 Million for communication equipment AND $385 in HUMANITARIAN AID for displaced refugees.

While the U.S. continues to have these “budget talks” they should look in the area of foreign aid, surely the government can save loads of money and they will not be wasting tax payers dollars.

All this money that the government is THROWING AWAY BY imposing themselves in another country movement has to END. Here we are having these “BUDGET” BATTLES about what needs to be cut and clearly they did not think about FOREIGN AID, a total of $495 million dollars will have gone to Syria, which needs to stay here in the U.S. Not only that, the newly Secretary of State John Kerry stated “we cannot risk letting Syria become destroyed by vicious autocrats and hijacked by extremists”. America has been hijacked and is slowly being destroyed by autocrats, plutocrats, anyone that loves subjugation over people. It is unfortunate about what is taken place Syria, however America cannot continue to give millions of dollars in “aid” to countries every time they fight against each other.

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