The Vice Presidential Debate…..Nothing Spectacular!!!

All of America witnessed the only Vice Presidential debate and both candidates failed to convey their message to the citizens. This debate has shown the people neither campaign is in tune with the concerns of the citizens and offered no solutions to the problems.  Throughout this election cycle the entire country watched both sides attack each other and not focused on improving the country. Surprisingly, many post-debate polls support the GOP vice presidential candidate won the debate, although he could not defend any of  Donald Trumps comments. How did Mr. Pence win the debate? Being calm, toning down the vile campaign rhetoric and sticking to the conservative platform assisted in his winning the debate. As A running mate, the vice presidential candidate needs to demonstrate they can defend the positions of their partner and it was clear Mr. Pence could not defend Donald Trump’s position on several key issues.

Tim Kaine was Donald Trump 2.0. During the debate Mr. Kaine repeatedly interrupted Mike Pence (approximately 72 times), he lacked regards for the moderator and the time limits agreed upon for the debate. Time after time Tim Kaine would repeat the same punch lines against Donald Trump, which was getting old.  It seemed as if Mr. Kaine intentionally strayed off topic simply because he lack the knowledge of the subjects presented. While the democratic Vice Presidential candidate was having what he considered a grand old- time with his one liners, it seemed Mike Pence sat back and allowed Tim Kaine to self-destruct his own character. Additionally, Mr. Pence gets kudos for attempting to correct and explain some of the inaccuracies Tim Kaine would dish out. Fact checkers in the coming days after the debate illustrated both candidates had an equal share of myths and half-truths.

Viewers of the debate were appalled with Tim Kaine’s performance and he failed to convince voters they can trust Hillary.  The Democratic vice presidential candidate failed to answer the question, “If Hillary was a member of the Armed Forces and deleted emails, would she be punished under UCMJ?” (Uniform Code Military of Justice) On cue, Mr. Kaine denied it would be the case. Mr. Pence even made the fight personal by using both their sons in the analogy. For those not familiar with UCMJ, the answer is simple, service members would no longer have a clearance and possibly suffer a reduction in rank and their careers could end. Why are our elected officials above the men and women who lay down their lives for this country? It is this behavior that contributes to the unrest and un-trustworthiness of our elected officials.

After the vice presidential debate, it is safe to assume Mr. Pence accepted to tag along as Donald’s running mate under a few notions:
1. No one expected Donald Trump to make it this far.
2. No political figure with a legit political career was willing to join the ticket risking their political future.  As a result, Mike Pence a no name Governor prior to this election season, seemed to be the best choice for the GOP.
3. The GOP needed someone neutral to get on the ticket in the event of a potential loss.
Someone who could be the voice of conservatives but has nothing to lose. Mr. Pence did a his duty of reaffirming the conservative platform of helping the wealthy, enticing veterans with money and benefits, and being pro-life.

Nothing about the VP debate will cause any real shift in the polls or change the minds of undecided voters. Let’s hope on Sunday night the candidates actually address the answers and not argue back and forth. Several outlets are projecting Donald Trump to attack Hillary by way of her husband infidelities and his stumble on the Affordable Health Care. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is expected to pull a last-minute skeleton on Donald Trump. No one saw the Miss America saga coming, so who knows what will take place on Sunday night. Just today a snippet of a very distasteful bus conversation surfaced and the Clinton camp will more than likely use it in the upcoming debate. Mr. Trump has a 38.8% favorability rating compared to Hillary Clinton’s 45.2%. This is proof both candidates can expect to work up until the last hour of Election Day because neither candidate has enough room to take anything for granted. Even with a 2.9% lead over Donald Trump today, we have already seen that one event can tilt the scale. Side bar: No matter how you feel about the candidates please exercise your right to vote.

Why Vote? It’s your V.O.I.C.E

It concerns what you Value

It’s your Opportunity to express your views

It’s your Interest domestic and foreign

It’s your Concern that keep you up at night

It’s our Emergency as a community of concerned yet informed citizens of this great country

Let your V.O.I.C.E be heard. We are “THE PEOPLE” and we have a voice in this election.

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