For many years the U.S. interfered in other countries elections, ousting democratically elected heads of states and replacing them with an illegitimate president. Now, the U.S. is  getting a taste of their own medicine in having another country interfere in the 2016 elections, and the U.S. is witnessing what it means to have an illegitimate president.

“This illegitimate President has managed to turn the world against us in one week.”

Within the first week, illegitimate president Trump issued five executive orders, one being a Muslim ban, we see the constant tantrum of “fake news” or “alternative facts” and the witnessing of a grown man with an emotional intelligence of a four-year old, yes, we have arrived into the Trump years. Many presidents were protested against, nationally, internationally, but not to this extent. In the history of our international affairs no world leader was concerned about a U.S. president intentions. According to a Politico article in a series of cartoon drawings “the world is comfortable laughing at the U.S. again”. Illegitimate president Trump  managed to turn the world against the U.S. within one week! From Mexico, China, SNL and the Netherlands making a mockery video of illegitimate president Trump, yes the world is comfortable laughing at the White House again. “It took eight years for the U.S. to repair their relationship with the international community and strengthen our alliances, and only one week for the illegitimate president to ruin them.

“The world is comfortable laughing at the U.S. again.”

The executive order on the Muslim ban, signed by the illegitimate president has caused chaos. According to CBS, the airline industry lost $185 billion dollars (so much for helping businesses make money)-this erratic decision to ban Muslims from 7 countries was unconstitutional note: on February 9th, a federal appeals panel refuses to reinstate illegitimate president Trump’s travel ban. Illegitimate president Donald Trump signed an executive order to review the Dodd-Frank act which put regulations on financial institutions for nearly collapsing the U.S. economy. What we can expect is for the regulations to roll back and allow the big banks to cause another financial crisis and we the people to suffer and bail them out.

According to a Politico article in a series of cartoon drawings “the world is comfortable laughing at the U.S. again”.

Another bad executive order was repealing the background check for mental illness when purchasing a gun, therefore the next shooting will be on the GOP and illegitimate president Trump. Erratic decisions are not beneficial to the people and the country, these erratic decisions will cause more harm, isolate us from the world and it is just bad policy. History has shown us how damaging erratic decisions are and this is an example.

America cannot afford to have an illegitimate president nor the corrupted GOP in place who is not making America great….again.

We the people are highly educated and logical than illegitimate president Donald Trump, a reason he is not taken seriously. For 240 years our republic has weathered many storms, and this storm is one we all have to and will get through together. This illegitimate president, his cronies and the crooked GOP are ruining America and has made it easy for the world to laugh at us.


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