Last week, there was a huge discussion on extending unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people, the Democrats are all for passing the extension and the GOP does not mind extending the benefits, but how is it going to be paid for?. The extension would be for 3 months at an estimated cost of $64 billion dollars. Now it is reported that Speaker John Boehner said the unemployment extension bill is D.O.A when it comes the GOP controlled house. This issue can go two ways, the House GOP can pass the extension for the 3 month period as there colleagues did in the Senate, with this being an election year it  will illustrate they are attempting to do something. Or, they can exaggerate over the issue and lose seats in both House and Senate this election year. My take is that the GOP are going to try to bargain up something before extending the unemployment benefits, because that is what they always do. However, there isn’t too much the GOP can bargain for if they want to win elections this year.

BRIDGE-GATE. the infamous scandal plaguing Chris Christie, and overly exaggerated by the media. This past week we have witnessed how news cycle have made the “BRIDGE-GATE” fiasco a big deal, which should not be; and how it could  hinder Chris Christie bid for President (which it won’t). If there was a story about how Gov. Chris Christie had an affair, or did illegal drugs, I can see his political career being over, but this issue over a bridge will not hurt is bid to run for President nor end his career. What the news should be discussing is the protesting of Cambodians for a better living wage, these protest have been going on for weeks and many protesters have been killed. The Cambodians workers are asking for a living wage of $160 month, which is reasonable, but as usual clothing stores such as the GAP and H&M are ignoring the issue. “CORPORATIONS LIKE COUNTRIES SUCH AS CAMBODIA, ALL ARE POOR AND WILL WORK LONG HOURS FOR LITTLE MONEY” (Global Post 1/8/14).

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