Trump is now President of the United States.


As the world watched and as many voters watched, Donald J. Trump became the next President of the United States. An entire year of hateful rhetoric, racism, obscene language that no other presidential candidate has never used during an election cycle is now the leader of the free world. A man with NO GOVERNING EXPERIENCE is our Commander and Chief. Yes, there is a lot of blame to go around, however, one thing is for sure the democratic establishment deserves this. President-Elect Donald Trump was accurate in saying the system is rigged, and it was rigged against Sen. Bernie Sanders. This has been the most exhausting election cycle this country has ever gone through and we are tired of the same bullshit in our polarized political system and with the establishment on both sides.

2 unlikely guys became president, a black guy and a guy with no governing experience. Yea, anything is possible.

As both parties became more corporate focusing on money and not the people, anger began to rise within base voters. Mr. Trump was successful capitalizing on the emotions of the people which motivated them to vote. As we recall,  Sen. Bernie Sanders tactic was speaking to the frustration of the people, speaking on issues that affect them and having a solution. However,  Donald Trump did not speak on the issues to the base he spoke to their fears and was successful. We have a man as our president who played on the fears and emotions of people who chants “lock her up and build that wall”. Tapping into the emotions of the base was strategic, as we can see the aftermath is hurting our country. Having no real connection to the voters, it will be interesting to see the policies he will create or implement that will not likely benefit those who voted for him.

Honestly, both candidates sucked, so for the outcome of this election, the suckiest candidate won. Nevertheless, if Trump desires to be a president for all AMERICANS then he needs to begin by apologizing to the Muslims and the Latinos for his vile rhetoric. What he spewed and stated about other groups of people is not a reflection of our country. Yet, he is the guy representing us-WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. We are all happy this election cycle is over, but we are not happy about the results.

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