Tuesday December 10, Uruguay fully legalizes marijuana, the Senate approved a bill that will allow marijuana to be grown, sold and bought in Uruguay. So, for anyone that enjoys smoking, you may want to pack up and move to Uruguay where you can enjoy smoking without being penalized. The new law will not be implemented until April 2014, and then Uruguay will also have a control board that will monitor the marijuana trade. Drug criminals can legally operate their business without the feds knocking down their doors, citizens can now open their own pot business, you can freely purchase it from drug stores, and you can even grow six weed plants in your own home.

The purpose of this new law is the help alleviate the drug violence in Latin America, and I believe that this will work.

Legalizing marijuana is a continuous battle that governments are still opposed too, for Uruguay to take a giant step in making marijuana legal for trade purposes illustrates that they are willing to take a gamble. Moreover, other countries will be watching to Uruguay, which will give insight into how to manage the marijuana trade; the benefit of Uruguay legalizing marijuana is the money the country will generate, which will help improve the country and Latin America. This is the first step in the social war of legalizing marijuana, hopefully other countries will catch up and take a gamble like Uruguay.

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