On March 5, 2013 at 4:30 pm, the international community received tragic news that Venezuela El Presidente Hugo Chavez has lost has two year battle with cancer. For 18 years Chavez has ruled Venezuela and has developed close ties with Cuba and Russia. Since his time as President, Chavez has used his country’s vast oil wealth to help bolster up the citizens, specifically the poor. Hugo Chavez used the money to finance social programs such as state food run programs, new public housing, education and free health clinics. What’s more he understood what it is that the people needed and he delivered; unlike all other heads of state who promise to make changes, he actual did using the money to help his citizens rise up from poverty and cutting the illiteracy rate. During the elections, Hugo Chavez won votes from the poor, which was his largest voting base as well as middle class. Chavez was a political leader that spoke what was truth, pushing against imperialist nations such as America and there ways of doing things.

Now that Chavez has passed, what’s on every head of state mind is what’s next for Venezuela. Maduro who is the likely successor will continue Chavez legacy of protecting citizens, and use the money from oil to fund social programs that has helped many families come out of poverty. What Maduro will also have to do is continue his strong relationship with Cuba and Russia, he will also need to forge new relationships with other countries as well. In a few months the international community will know what to expect from Venezuela, will the country stay the same course or will the country make changes.

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