May 2, 2014 Vermont Senate passed JRS 27 (Joint Senate Resolution) in GETTING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. The catalyst behind this wonderful news is Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks web news show. First, it is disgusting that not one of the media outlets mentioned this, secondly, THANK YOU Vermont for illustrating that we can make changes in our electoral system. This legislation is the first of many, in order to overturn the supreme court Citizens United ruling all we need is 34 states to form a coalition to overturn the decision. We as citizens need to do this, for my state of Georgia, to turn blue we need to be part of the coalition. There are 5 months to go in this election season, if we can get 33 more states to form a coalition and overturn the Citizens United decision, it will change our electoral system to a system for the PEOPLE which it was founded on.

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