The Southern part of the U.S. is opposed to having unions, they believe in people having the “right to work”. So, last Friday, workers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee voted against unionizing, which is not surprising since it’s in the South which opposes unions. What’s interesting about this story is that Volkswagen wants the employees to unionize and set up a Council Labor board, which they have at the Volkswagen plants in Germany. These Council Labor boards acts as a liaison to Volkswagen and the employees where they can voice their concerns and co-partner in the development and growth of the company. The top labor representative is threatening to pull their investments from the Southern part of the U.S. if employees are not unionized. Thumbs up to Volkswagen for going against a system that refuses to have workers representation to protect them. I believe that threatening to pull investments from the Southern part of the U.S. is an excellent strategy on Volkswagen behalf, the south can use the investments, the jobs and the growth from a foreign company. If the South is not going to unionize the employees, then Volkswagen should take their investments to Detroit. It will help to regrow the city by bringing jobs back, putting people to work and bringing the MOTOR-CITY back to life.

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