Last week blog, I wrote about how Secretary of State John Kerry visited the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and pledged $30 million TAX DOLLARS for “transparent elections”. Back in February, Congress passed legislation giving Ukraine $100 million TAX DOLLARS in “loan guarantees”, which will not be repaid. This pass Tuesday the President extends a 10 year deal with Dbjouti to use camp Lemonner base to launch “counter terrorism” missions and the cost of using this base for “counter terrorism” purposes is $63 MILLION U.S. TAX DOLLARS, and the Pentagon has informed Congress of expanding the facilities and has proposed a $1BILLION dollar budget. Of course, America “NEWS” did not report any of these three stories about wasteful spending of OUR TAX DOLLARS in foreign countries for their own interests. With all the fuss and fake arguments from both sides about how the budget needs to be balanced and cutting programs that are essential to the citizens, they continue to spend MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS trying to POLICE THE WORLD when the tax dollars are needed here. EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE, JOBS, JOBS AND JOBS is what the total of $193 MILLION TAX DOLLARS can be used for in order to keep America innovative and head. These countries do not need MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS to help them with “transparent elections”, which America does not have, they do not need “loan guarantees” and renting a camp for “counter terrorism” for 10 years for $63 million is unacceptable. What citizens should do and need to do is be more cognizant of these types of stories because these are the REAL stories that they need to here, not the sensationalized “NEWS” being aired on bias networks.

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