Last week, there was a lot of discussion on the GOP budget, a budget that increases in military spending and cuts essential programs needed for low-income people, the elderly and children. However, with all the discussion about the budget, there was no discussion about what is in the budget, which the media failed at doing, stated by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on All In with Chris Hayes last week. With all the discussion about the budget, let’s discuss what is in the budget; first, the GOP budget eliminates health care, taken 16 million people off, along with massive cuts to medicaid-$400 billion, throwing 11 million people off of the program for a total of 27 million people who will be without health insurance. Furthermore, the GOP is cutting $90 billion in Pell Grant financial aid that low-income students such as myself used to attend college, and increasing the cost of education by $8 million. Next, there are cuts being made in nutrition programs that assist the poor, which brings us to the news of Maine. 9,000 residents have been removed off the nutrition program in the state of Maine by Gov. LePage, the state is no longer accepting the waiver from federal government for the nutritional program and through a work-volunteer program to get people off of the nutrition program, that is how 9,000 people are no longer on the nutritional program. The issue is that there is no economic recovery in Maine, specifically the rural parts where people need the nutrition assistance the most. Reading the numbers on how much is being cut in these programs and the fact that Congress is putting another $20 Billion into the military, “Is there anyone in the U.S. that thinks this makes any sense?.

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