When Politics Goes Wrong-The Motor City.

In the middle of this year, Detroit went bankrupt, one of America’s most vibrant cities for manufacturing jobs until all the manufactures left for other cities and countries. We all know who to blame, which is both sides Democrats and Republicans, these two parties focused on their interest groups (corporations), which closed jobs and put people out of work and left a city in ruins.

This situation illustrates how both parties continue to get away with screwing the American people, every election year midterm and presidential you hear the famous line “WE WILL CREATE JOBS AND PUT PEOPLE BACK TO WORK”, that has not happened.

Moreover, this illustrates what the state government is doing with taxpayers money, and again they always say “WE WILL USE TAXPAYERS DOLLARS TO IMPROVE CITIES AND SCHOOLS” Yea right. It is both parties that have done this and is responsible for what happened to the city of Detroit and because of this maybe it is time citizens began looking at having a third party. I believe a third party will shake things up and give both sides a run for their money, other countries have multiple parties, which allows the citizens to choose. After watching the second presidential debate and watching the one for third party candidates with Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein, the answers they gave for the questions were far more realistic and believable compared to the ones giving Obama and Romney. With this in mind, and the midterm and next presidential elections coming up, citizens should look at third party candidates running on state and national levels, these are the candidates that can relate to the people and give real answers to the problems that the people are facing .


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