School Lunch Debt
America the Debtor Nation:

Recap: In a recent podcast, I discussed the school lunch debt issue where students who cannot afford to pay their school lunch debt have to eat cold food or receive no school lunch at all. Additionally, over the past years, many school lunch employees have been fired for giving students free school lunch. As a former school lunch lady-school lunch debt being an issue is ridiculous, not only that, to fire an employee for giving food to a student who may receive that as the only meals of the day is absurd. Students in debt for school lunch seems like this American system is preparing students to be in debt at an early age. Additionally, students being in debt for school lunch highlights the many societal issues America has. Sidebar: school lunch debt becoming an increasing issue highlights 2 factors” 1) America dysfunction is not fixing society issues before they become a bigger problem. 2) Why is school lunch debt even a thing?

“Additionally, students being in debt for school lunch highlights the many societal issues America has.”

American history as a debtor nation is now falling onto the people-creating new ways to place people in debt and it’s now our students school lunch.

Why is School Lunch Debt a Thing?

For a long-time, I constantly state, America creates problems, in a recent post the statement read, “School lunch debt is becoming an increasing problem.” The student debt crisis was reported as becoming an increasing issue, and here we are with student debt being a crisis. Sidebar: America continues to fail issues until they become a crisis and continues to not have a plan. School lunch debt is a thing because America ignores real issues affecting the people. With the failed society issues of low-wages, underemployment, families not being able to meet the basic necessities of life is why school lunch debt is a thing.

When parents cannot send their kid to school with money for lunch and the student cannot eat or have to eat a cold sandwich or snack does more harm mentally to the child, however, it illustrates the lack of common-sense policies when dealing with students. Not only that, school lunch debt is a thing because of no policies and changes into a system no longer fit for the newer generations.

“Sidebar: America continues to fail issues until they become a crisis and continues to not have a plan.”

School lunch debt becoming a larger issue can be avoided by providing school lunches to students for FREE. No student in the richest nation on earth, who built their wealth through slavery should be in a position where they are in debt to because of school lunch. Not only that, no student should be in debt due to school lunch. Sidebar: the idea a student is in debt for school lunch and has to eat a cold sandwich or not eat at all is absurd.

Only in America is where a student will be in debt for school lunch, parents receive threatening letters of having their child taken, and a cafeteria employee gets fired for providing students with free lunch. School lunch debt should not be an issue, unfortunately, it is because per usual America tends to ignore problems.










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