There are 2 critical issues that are taken place this week in Washington. First, is the funding for DHS, the real issue behind this contentious battle is the GOP attempting to revoke President Obama executive orders on immigration, which is why the Democrats are refusing to vote on this legislation. Last week, during a press conference, Speaker John Bohener stated “the Democrats need to get off their asses and stop saying no”. I would like to point out, that the GOP have been sitting on their asses for the past 6 years, with their obstructionism of undermining President Obama on every issue, which they have no alternative to, and they shut down the government, costing the economy $24billion dollars. The second issue is the Senate committee vote for Loretta Lynch on February 26, who will replace Attorney General Eric Holder, if all goes well she will be the first black female Attorney General for the U.S., and the GOP will not shut down the government.

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