WTF 2016: The Worst Year of All

“I think we can all agree, that 2016 has been one big pile of shit.” Yes, 2016 has been a really messed up year, aside from Donald Trump winning the election with the help of Russia, and losing legends such as Prince and George Michael, this year was horrible. 2016 was such a bad year, the LAD BIBLE made a horror movie on how bad 2016 has been. It is safe to assume everyone is looking forward to 2017 and a less shitty year.

“I think we call all agree that 2016 has been one big pile of shit.” Helen Mirren

What made 2016 the worst year of them all are the deaths of David Bowie in January, followed by Antonin Scalia, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gwen Ifill. All legends who made our country better and who talents we adored.  Additionally, the most recent deaths of George Michael on Christmas day, and mother-daughter duo Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, we lost wonderful people who shared their talents with the world. However, the biggest blow was Donald Trump becoming president, a man with no governing experience or diplomatic experience is now leader of the free world.

Election 2016, what is there to be said except WTF! Across the globe, to right here in the states, we the people are continuing to ask, what happened, how did the egomaniac Donald Trump become president? Mr. Trump is a racist who demeaned, Latinos, Muslims, uses social media to attack people and is just a complete cornball. Because no one wants Trump as president, hundreds and thousands of people protested across the country and shut down Canada’s website because we may need to escape. This guy, after winning the election provoked China, America’s frenemy by contacting Taiwan’s president, he is in a weird love affair with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president who hacked our computer systems and helped elect him to the presidency.

On December 19th, 538 of the electors had an opportunity to change this and set our country on the right course, which is to move forward, and the electors failed. As a result, our great country have went back into the times when Truman and Nixon were presidents, look at who is in Trumps cabinet. 2016 is a year, which we should not forget and need to reflect on what needs to change moving forward.

This messed up, shitty year raises a lot of questions and answers, especially about the strength of our democracy based on this year’s shocking elections. How we as people need to really work together because our country is in for some hard times, in addition to appreciating each other and staying positive. As a result, I will say GOOD RIDDANCE 2016, never will we have to experience another shitty year.





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