North Korea best not continue to make threats or they will be met with fire and fury, with power no one has ever seen before.” These are the words from illegitimate President Trump the Chump making a statement while on a “working vacation” last week. The isolationist country North Korea is threatening the U.S. with their nuclear arms stating the country will attack Guam a U.S. territory. Within a few days, illegitimate President Trump stated maybe he was not “tough enough” on North Korea, meaning he will send out a few more threaten tweets on this issue instead of being diplomatic. For the past three weeks North Koreas Kim Jung Un continue to antagonize illegitimate President Trump with threats of shooting a missile attempting to provoke a war which feels like it can happen at any moment.

Recap: In a tweet in 2013, illegitimate President Trump stated “our horrendous leadership will send us into World War 3. As the world can see the horrendous leadership occupies the oval office and the U.S. is now on the brink of World War 3.

Trump is the horrendous leadership that will take America into an unnecessary war. Illegitimate President Trump has demonstrated he has no diplomatic skills when it comes to domestic issues and foreign policy. What is taken place between the U.S. and North Korea is lacking diplomacy which is necessary to prevent an unnecessary war. Throughout the last four presidents, Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan, North Korea threats were never this bold and put the U.S. on edge of a war. However, each of these four presidents had diplomacy skills which the world once looked too and what is lacking this time. What’s more the incessant tweets and inaccurate information from illegitimate President Trump the Chump illustrates he is not capable of handling this issue.

Recap: Trump was an embarrassment at the NATO summit, rescinding on the Paris Agreement and his speech towards the world leaders illustrates his lack of diplomacy capabilities.

The ongoing back and forth threats from illegitimate President Trump and Kim Jung Un continue to demonstrate to the world, there are two unfit lunatics leading a nation. With North Korea being the isolated country and hostile, diplomacy is vital when engaging because these threats will continue. Additionally, having a war is not what German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron or any other heads of state want or what our world needs. Kim Jung Un threats are telling the world that he is continuing to advance his nuclear capabilities and the world needs to be on standby because he will strike at any moment.

“Now there are two unfit people leading a nation and with nuclear weapons.”




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