An old GOPPER doing what they do best. Restrict voting rights.


America, the greatest country continues to fight voting laws in 2017. Fifty years ago, MLK, John Lewis, Medgar Evers and many civil rights leaders were viciously assaulted fighting for the right to vote. Learning about the struggle for voting rights from history and civics class, it is disturbing millennials are witnessing the same obstructionist of voting rights in 2017. Any eligible citizen who is taxpayer has the moral right to vote, the taxpayers are African-Americans and Hispanics targeted with the discriminatory voting laws. What we have is a certain group of people-old GOPPERS, who talk about freedoms and rights, yet they want to take it away from other people.

“Old GOPPERS always talk about rights and freedoms, yet want to take it away from other people.”

In 2008 after President Obama won the election, southern states passed harsher voting laws making it difficult to vote. Additionally, the GOP reduced early voting times, closed voting locations in some precincts and in 2013 SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the U.S.) did the unthinkable removing section 4 of the voting rights act. Recently, in Texas the voting ID law was struck down 3x because it discriminates against minorities, making it difficult for minorities to vote. According to the Hill, “the voting ID law deliberately discriminates against minorities” which was the same conclusion from the first two rulings.

In addition, the voting ID law struck down in Texas, would allow you to show your weapons i.d but not a student i.d. Really tho!

“The U.S. has low voter turnout than any other nation, what purpose is there for these GOPPERS to repress minorities from voting?”

In the same article by the Hill “Democrats have not won a state or local seat in 23 years.” Voter laws along with gerrymandering deliberately discriminates against African-Americans and Hispanics from voting. These laws are what assists the old Republicans in winning elections because they cannot win any other way. We the people are wise enough to see these old Republicans are dwindling and the only way for these old Republicans to hold on is to pass discriminatory laws against African-Americans and Hispanics banning them from their moral voting rights.

“If people do not come out and vote one time, why would they come out and vote multiple times?” :-/

If people do not come out to vote one time, why would people come out and vote multiple times? Of course, the question does not need an answer, however we the people have to be active in our politics by voting more. We are still fighting voting laws because we are not active enough in our politics, until we become more active these old Republicans will continue to obstruct our voting rights.



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